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  • Expects you to play a part in your success.
  • Offers expert job search guidance, counsel, instructions, encouragement and wisdom from award-winning executive search consultants with over 39 years' experience.

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What people are saying.

"JobSearchPower offers assistance that I wasn’t able to find anywhere else and it increased my ability to accurately assess what jobs I should or shouldn’t pursue because of how well they fit my needs."

- Karl W. (R.O.W.)

"JobSearchPower is a wonderful resource to keep job seekers organized and on task in order to gain meaningful employment. From an HR perspective, it is a valuable service to recommend during an exit interview to show our appreciation."

- Cheryl S. (H.R.)

"Overall, I found JobSearchPower to be a much more helpful and powerful free resource than most of the paid or other free services available to job seekers."

- Michael G. (H.S.E.)

"Job Search Power is redefining how to conduct job search. In this failing job market, it is giving job seekers a way to plan out their job search. The six step plan is helpful in keeping job seekers on tract with their search. The resources available assist in not just preparing the plan but also provide tips and assistance for all aspects of job search, including interviewing, resume building, and networking. It is a wonderful tool designed to make the convoluted process easier."

- Ursala M. (H.R.)

Focus on -

  • Clearly identifying and keeping your job and work/life balance goals in focus
  • Accurate self-assessment to identify job search strengths and areas for improvement
  • Discipline to diligently work your Job Search Plan
  • Proven job search activities and when they need to be done to achieve your Job Search Plan goals empowers you with knowledge and confidence to execute a job search focused on landing a new job in the shortest time possible.

Plan -

  • Your personal, practical, goal-driven Job Search Plan
  • Your job search calendar with proven activities to get the job you want
  • Organize and assemble all your job search information into one readily accessible online location at

JobSearchPower guides you to create and execute a dynamic job search plan; identifies the best resources, improves your job search skills, and sharpens your focus to achieve your career and work/life balance goals.

Execute -

  • Your Job Search Plan with knowledge, discipline and commitment
  • Proven effective, competitive-edge job search skills, tools and resources
  • Activities to produce job leads and interviews targeted to your objectives
  • Execute with confidence in the expert coaching from JobSearchPower
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Our Story. is the work of Will Darroh, co-founder of highly regarded professional and technical personnel search firm Piper-Morgan Associates, established in 1977.

The content and processes within capture Will’s combination of experience as an award-winning personnel search consultant who has successfully coached and advised thousands of job seekers in professional and volunteer settings. Over the course of 39 years bringing job seekers and employers together for mutual success Will knows that successful job seekers are:

  • Informed - about job search methods, resources, and tools
  • Efficient - in using time and energy; they are organized, focused and disciplined
  • Collaborative - they build and retain a network of other professionals
  • Receptive - to critical guidance from experienced, professional resources
  • Engaging - they share the journey with their family, colleagues and friends is a single-source, practical, no fluff guide to a successful job search, designed to coach and encourage job seekers to focus, plan and execute the steps proven to land new jobs in less time and with less stress.

Benefit from the expertise of an experienced, award-winning personnel search consultant that has coached thousands of job seekers to success.

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